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Magical Happenings

In Daily Check-In, Events on August 7, 2013 at 9:55 am

Credit: National Geographic

A lot of cool things are happening this week. In addition to yesterday’s new moon in Leo, the auspicious 08/08 date is tomorrow. Some are calling this day the Lion’s Gate portal. A lot of feline energy is in the air. What does this mean?

Astrologer Mecca Woods says this about the Leo New Moon:

New Moon today in Leo. The Cosmos is granting us some extra mojo to bring our star power center stage. What part of your world is dying for a little more color, a little more light, and a whole lotta OOMPH that only you can bring? With the moon in Leo we find we fly highest when we unabashedly strut our stuff to an adoring crowd. However, with many planets still treading water and Venus in Virgo, we’re reminded of the fine balance of using our light to fuel another while saving a little for ourselves.

Much like the lion, Leo energy is bold, brave, royal and even dramatic at times. This is a good time for letting your creative juices flow. Whether this be an artistic endeavor or your everyday getup which needs a little bit of TLC. Don’t be shy about making yourself known. It’s more than fine to shine your light, and by extension, helping others to do the same.

Here is an event to help you tap into this energy:

THURSDAY 08/08/13

The Lion’s Gate Portal Transmission

Awakening New Codes of Consciousness for Humanity with Jodi Serota, Maryanne Savino, & Kate Love

Tap into your abilities for manifestation, abundance, and creativity with a special event on the auspicious 08/08 day. The evening will include channeled guidance, vocal vibrational sound and light language activities, gong baths, sacred dance, crystal bowl frequencies and more.

Where: Meta Center New York

When: 7pm to 9:45pm

Cost: $27 pre-paid

For more information, click here.

More events are in the pipeline for the next week, so stay tuned!




Time to Make a Wish: July’s New Moon

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Every month, we are blessed with a new moon in our night sky.

This month the new moon appears today. What does this mean? It’s a great time to set intentions for what you would like to reap in the next couple of weeks. The moon reaches full capacity on the 22nd of this month, so think of this time as a period to get something done.

It’s a great time to check-in with yourself. What is it that your heart wants and desires? How can you make it happen in the next couple of weeks? What action steps do you need to take to make that happen? Jot down the answers to these questions and then go after what it is that you want.



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