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As frutas do Brasil: Caju

In Food on May 9, 2013 at 4:59 pm

As frutas do Brasil

The beautiful caju fruit. Yes, this is where cashews come from.

I touched on the topic of acai a couple of days ago – now I would like to point your attention to another wonderful fruit native to Brazil, particularly to the northeastern region of the country:  the caju tree.

If you’ve ever traveled to Central America, you may have encountered this fruit too as it now grows in other tropical climates. For example, in El Salvador, juice made from caju is called marañon. It’s a sweet yellowish juice made from the fruit. The fruit in itself resembles an apple with carries a stem that is made into the cashew nuts we enjoy.

Health benefits of this Amazon find:

–          Vitamin C, 5x more than your average orange. Sorry oranges.

–          B vitamins

–          Calcium

–          Iron

–          Beta carotene

So this means it’s good for:

–          Sore throats

–          Strengthening the immune system

–          Fighting bacterial agents

–          Killing worms inside your body

–          People with anemia

Where you can get it?

I am still researching this. I have seen Goya products that carry frozen packages of the marañon for making juices, however, I am vague on its nutritional properties. Whole Foods seems to carry these juices. However, as with any juices, be wary of the added sugars.

If you are a consistent consumer of caju juice, please let us know how you get your fix.

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