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Happy Summer Solstice!

In Daily Check-In on June 21, 2013 at 2:08 pm

Happy Summer Solstice!

The longest day of the year marking the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere has arrived! This is a great day for setting some happy and positive intentions for the summer season. Walking and dancing can be great ways of checking in with yourself.

Sending you lots of love,


Movement as a Cure: Dancing

In movement on June 20, 2013 at 2:07 pm

Jeanine Abraham of JourneyDance

“I think you need to yell, and sing, and get vocal and physical.  Dance, Stomp your feet, Yell your warrior, rebel yell to the world.  Let loose. wild howl!!  Let your wild animal out!

– Amanda Young


A few months ago, I found myself in a deep emotional funk. I felt sad, helpless, and lethargic. I reached out to Amanda Young, holistic health coach and founder of Urban Goddess Health. In reply to what I was feeling she said: “I think you need to yell, and sing, and get vocal and physical.  Dance, stomp your feet, yell your warrior, rebel yell to the world.  Let loose a wild howl!!  Let your wild animal out!” A few moments later, I did just that. I cranked up the volume on a Beyonce song and danced naked in my own room.

What I felt was instant joy and release. I felt like the emotions that were keeping me a prisoner to my own mind saw the light of day outside of my body.


A couple of weeks later, I went to a JourneyDance workshop with Jeanine Abraham (pictured above) in Brooklyn, New York. I had experienced JourneyDance once before during Amanda’s Urban Goddess immersion course, when Jeanine had come in as a guest teacher, and the results had been amazing. Through dance, the session helps women look at their wounds and their pain, as well as their dreams and desires, in order to reconnect with their kick-ass essence.

Growing up and throughout my young adult years, I can say that dance has always been reserved to special occasions or for weekend nights at a bar. In college, it wasn’t exactly a positive experience either, as parties were socially complex for lack of better words.

A few weekends ago, I found myself at home, working on my computer, and becoming tense and anxious about a few things that were currently going on in my life. I paused and thought about how deliberate dance had helped me in certain moments of despair. So, I started to move and jiggle around in my seat. I decided to take a 15 minute break and danced away in my room. Instantly, I felt the anxiety dissolve in the motions of my limbs and my belly. Feeling my body move instead of my mind racing allowed me to gain the grip I needed in order to feel like my true self again.


This weekend, I want you to take 15 minutes to dance. Pick a few of your favorite booty-shaking songs, I usually go to Beyonce or Brazilian songstress Daniela Mercury for inspiration, crank it up as much as you can, and dance. Go free, go wild. Let your limbs sway. Move your belly, shake your butt. Let your body guide you, because no one is watching you. This moment is exclusively for you and your body. The more you let go, the deeper bliss you will find from your body.

I hope you are able to experience love and joy as you feel the wonder that is your beautiful, living body.

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