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Magical Happenings

In Daily Check-In, Events on August 7, 2013 at 9:55 am

Credit: National Geographic

A lot of cool things are happening this week. In addition to yesterday’s new moon in Leo, the auspicious 08/08 date is tomorrow. Some are calling this day the Lion’s Gate portal. A lot of feline energy is in the air. What does this mean?

Astrologer Mecca Woods says this about the Leo New Moon:

New Moon today in Leo. The Cosmos is granting us some extra mojo to bring our star power center stage. What part of your world is dying for a little more color, a little more light, and a whole lotta OOMPH that only you can bring? With the moon in Leo we find we fly highest when we unabashedly strut our stuff to an adoring crowd. However, with many planets still treading water and Venus in Virgo, we’re reminded of the fine balance of using our light to fuel another while saving a little for ourselves.

Much like the lion, Leo energy is bold, brave, royal and even dramatic at times. This is a good time for letting your creative juices flow. Whether this be an artistic endeavor or your everyday getup which needs a little bit of TLC. Don’t be shy about making yourself known. It’s more than fine to shine your light, and by extension, helping others to do the same.

Here is an event to help you tap into this energy:

THURSDAY 08/08/13

The Lion’s Gate Portal Transmission

Awakening New Codes of Consciousness for Humanity with Jodi Serota, Maryanne Savino, & Kate Love

Tap into your abilities for manifestation, abundance, and creativity with a special event on the auspicious 08/08 day. The evening will include channeled guidance, vocal vibrational sound and light language activities, gong baths, sacred dance, crystal bowl frequencies and more.

Where: Meta Center New York

When: 7pm to 9:45pm

Cost: $27 pre-paid

For more information, click here.

More events are in the pipeline for the next week, so stay tuned!




This Week’s Event Round-Up

In Events on July 28, 2013 at 8:03 pm

Drummer's Grove at Prospect Park


For submissions, please e-mail me at SylviaMendezLucha at gmail.com

The sun is happy and shining in the sign of Leo, time to let your inner-child come out to play. Free yoga, astrology workshop, and Intensati.



Yoga at the New York Public Library

De-stress at a free yoga session brought to you by Cosmic Yoga. The class is open to all levels!

Where: New York Public Library, Community Room, East 42nd Street and 5th Avenue

Time: 6:30pm

Cost: Free!

For more information, click here.



Devotion in Motion

A Sacred Breath, Movement & Soundscape Journey with Maryanne Savino

Maryanne Savino guides you to invoke prayer through body movement. This particular workshop, open to men and women, is about moving through your inhibitions and releasing personal blockages through movement and dance.

Where: META Center New York, Midtown

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Cost: $30

For more information, click here.


What Goes Down at a Séance? Tales from My First One

In Events on July 25, 2013 at 11:00 am

When I first saw the flyer below at Brooklyn’s Yoga to the People, I was intrigued, curious, and a little apprehensive.

Weekly Williamsburg Spirit Seance happens every Thursday

At that point, my only impression of a psychic medium was Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost and the New York City physics that try to lure you into their store fronts for a $5 reading.  At 24 years-old, I found myself sort of lost. I wanted more out of life and was looking for answers to my insecurities. But most of all, even though I couldn’t phrase it at the time, I was looking for more self-love.

I e-mailed Betsy to secure my spot a few days in advance for the Weekly Williamsburg Séance. In response, she e-mailed me with the logistics. No heavy preparation was required, although she did suggest mentally calling out to any loved ones in spirit and forming any questions to have answered during the séance.

Once I settled into Betsy’s warm and cozy Williamsburg space, the curiosity and butterflies that I felt when I had first e-mailed her set in once again. I truly didn’t know what to expect. All I had were preconceived notions of spirits, ghosts, and the magical kind of things you don’t experience every day.

When all attendees had made it to the circle, Betsy made it clear that there are no “gloom and doom” messages in the circle as she went over the rules for giving messages. This was a sigh of relief for me. She then introduced us to “Intuition 101,” through which she explained the idea that everyone can tune into their own gut and intuition. We were given some indications of what to look for when receiving psychic impressions in their various forms.

Then, we were ready to begin. Betsy opened with a prayer, which was then followed by a meditation that included some breathe work. Step by step as our eyes were closed, Betsy’s voice guided us to connect with our higher-selves. A visualization that enabled our energies to shift into a calm and relaxed state. The chatter of the day slipped away ans the room felt still and impermeable.

Following the meditation we gently made our way to the message-portion of the séance. Betsy would ask each person if she could come to them with a message before delivering it. For each person, she connects to the collective energy also known as Spirit, the person’s own energy, and people who are in spirit that have made their transition. Sometimes, she would share personal stories prompted by spirits on the other side, so that the sitter could identify with the message and fully understand it. As she went to each person with a unique message, I was able to find something to apply to my own life.

I felt physically and emotionally lighter after the séance as though I had gone through some kind of release. Every time I go back, my heart and space feel lighter afterward. Sometimes, the things I am struggling with become clearer and I am able to release a lot of my personal fears. I find comfort in the community of people the group brings together, individuals that are usually interested in personal healing and cultivating happiness. What’s more, Betsy hopes you walk away with the tools to listen to your own inner-voice outside of the circle.

If you want to find out more about the Weekly Williamsburg Seance, listen to Betsy’s Soundcloud here or check out her website. A word to the wise: séances fill up quickly, so e-mail Betsy 2 to 3 weeks in advance!

EVENT ROUND-UP: Week of July 22nd

In Events on July 21, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Events to feed the body, mind, and soul. Venue information provided in links.

Patricia Moreno of IntenSati

Monday, July 22nd

Quarterlife Upgrade with Christine Hassler

Speaker, author and life coach, Christine Hassler is offering a gratis virtual conference aimed at giving 20-somethings a life refresh for all aspects of their life, including dating, sex, career, parenthood, and going after your big dreams. The web conference will feature a series of speakers touching upon different subjects, including Gabrielle Bernstein of Spirit Junkie, Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love, and Alisa Vitti of Floliving.com

Each interview will stream for free for 24 hours from their start time. To sign up and to see schedule, click here.

Where: at your fingertips (online)

Time: 4pm EST

Cost: Free!

For more information, click here.

Crucial Conversations Created by She Creates Change

This Monday, the topic of discussion will be: “Sisterhood: What we think it is, What it really is, and What we can do to shape it.” She Creates Change is an organization driven to give women the power to make personal and global change. For more information, on the organization, click here.

Where: 35 W. 31st Street, 10th floor, Suite 1001

Time: 6:30pm to 9pm.

Cost: $10

For more information, click here.

Wednesday, July 25th

Ecstatic Breathing with Eddie Ellner

This event will open up with a few minutes of gentle yoga, and followed by a complete hour devoted to breathing. Eddie is a visiting instructor from Santa Barbara, California, founder of Yoga Soup and has extensive experience as an ecstatic breath work facilitator.

Where: Body Actualized, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Time: 9pm to 11pm

Cost: $10-$20 donation

More information, click here.

Saturday, July 27th

Intensati with Patricia Moreno at Riverside Park
Embody positivity and that oneness connection through Intensati. It’s a mixed workout of yoga, kick-boxing, dance, and verbal affirmations! Patricia leads class and the loving energy is unreal. The next day you will be feeling sore and strong from the spiritual workout. For more information on Intensati, visit founder Patricia Moreno’s website.
Where: Riverside Park, 59th street entrance
Time: 10am to approximately 12pm
Cost: Free!
For more information, click here.
JourneyDance Summer Sampler: Chakra Series
Using dance, Jeanine facilitates a shaman like experience, in which you encounter and dance with your emotions in a positive and uplifting way. In one hour and half, you’ll experience “freedom, creativity, and joy.” This is a must for all women! You can read more about my experience with JourneyDance here.
Where: Shambala Yoga, Crown Heights, Brooklyn. 
Time: 3:45pm to 5:15pm
Cost: $15
For more information, click here.
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