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Magical Happenings

In Daily Check-In, Events on August 7, 2013 at 9:55 am

Credit: National Geographic

A lot of cool things are happening this week. In addition to yesterday’s new moon in Leo, the auspicious 08/08 date is tomorrow. Some are calling this day the Lion’s Gate portal. A lot of feline energy is in the air. What does this mean?

Astrologer Mecca Woods says this about the Leo New Moon:

New Moon today in Leo. The Cosmos is granting us some extra mojo to bring our star power center stage. What part of your world is dying for a little more color, a little more light, and a whole lotta OOMPH that only you can bring? With the moon in Leo we find we fly highest when we unabashedly strut our stuff to an adoring crowd. However, with many planets still treading water and Venus in Virgo, we’re reminded of the fine balance of using our light to fuel another while saving a little for ourselves.

Much like the lion, Leo energy is bold, brave, royal and even dramatic at times. This is a good time for letting your creative juices flow. Whether this be an artistic endeavor or your everyday getup which needs a little bit of TLC. Don’t be shy about making yourself known. It’s more than fine to shine your light, and by extension, helping others to do the same.

Here is an event to help you tap into this energy:

THURSDAY 08/08/13

The Lion’s Gate Portal Transmission

Awakening New Codes of Consciousness for Humanity with Jodi Serota, Maryanne Savino, & Kate Love

Tap into your abilities for manifestation, abundance, and creativity with a special event on the auspicious 08/08 day. The evening will include channeled guidance, vocal vibrational sound and light language activities, gong baths, sacred dance, crystal bowl frequencies and more.

Where: Meta Center New York

When: 7pm to 9:45pm

Cost: $27 pre-paid

For more information, click here.

More events are in the pipeline for the next week, so stay tuned!




Magical Monday!

In Daily Check-In on July 29, 2013 at 9:19 am

Good Morning Beauties,

The day that many astrology buffs have been waiting for is here: the Grand Sextile! It’s essentially a hexagram formation of seven feminine-based planets. It’s special because many astrologers believe it will inject the earth with loving, harmonious energy!

The AstroTwins have something more to say about it and what it means for each sun sign. To read that click here.


I wanted to share an excerpt from this morning’s The Daily Love newsletter:

Let us make it our intention to set out on the journey of life today with the new mind of a child. Not throwing away what we’ve learned, but learning to reinterpret what we’ve been through so that it serves us moving forward, rather than hold us back. Let us meet the journey from a curious, humble, yet empowered point of view that turns disaster into grace, rejection into protection and crisis into opportunity. – Mastin Kipp, The Daily Love

You can sign up for The Daily Love newsletter here.

Have a magical start to your week!



Full Moon Check-In

In Daily Check-In on July 22, 2013 at 3:41 pm

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to ask yourself: “What is it that your heart wants and desires?”

Full Moon Check-In

Howl at the full moon.

Today’s full moon is a good check-in point to see how far along you are in identifying it, but also any action steps you’ve taken along the way. Where are you currently? Acknowledge the work you’ve done, even if it’s just preliminary thoughts. That’s awesome. Sometimes, just allowing yourself to think about your dreams, no matter how small or big is the first step.

Admitting your desires can be a scary thing sometimes, given the external conditions that influence our thinking. So, see tonight’s full moon as a celebration of your dreams. There will be another new moon soon, in which you can create more definite intentions to reach those dreams more closely.

A good way to celebrate is with a DIY full moon ceremony. Check out this article by The Numinous for some tips, here.

Magic is in the Air: Grand Water Trine

In Daily Check-In on July 18, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Something magical is brewing all over. If you haven’t heard by now, astrologically speaking, there is a “grand water trine” happening with our planets. Let astrologer Mecca Woods explain:

The beautiful Grand Water Trine (harmonious energy) [is] between Jupiter in ‪‎Cancer‬, Saturn in ‪Scorpio‬ and Neptune in ‪‎Pisces‬ … When these three bodies meet in the emotional and spiritual realm of water, we find that our dreams and passions thrive by answering to our highest self; our heart center. Where are these three planets synching up in your chart? There is where you’ll find the Universe serving you up a sweet treat or two.

The grand water trine is a great moment for you to wake up to your dreams. I know that I’ve been quite guilty of not following what I know my heart desires deep inside. This is something I am currently reconciling with in my life. I’ve come to know that it’s important to follow what my heart really wants and chase after it because when I don’t I become unhappy and lethargic and my energy levels become completely depleted.

So today, I am asking: what is that I want underneath of what I think I want based on my environment? In other words, how do I come to know what I really want, and not what I think I am supposed to want.

This is a great time for this kind of exploration. So check-in with yourself and ask:

– What do I want?

– Am I currently in pursuit of it?

– Why am I not chasing that? What am I chasing instead?

– Now, how do I go and get it ?!?

I’d love to hear about any magical moments you may have experienced this week. Please share below in the comments.

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