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Full Moon Check-In

In Daily Check-In on July 22, 2013 at 3:41 pm

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to ask yourself: “What is it that your heart wants and desires?”

Full Moon Check-In

Howl at the full moon.

Today’s full moon is a good check-in point to see how far along you are in identifying it, but also any action steps you’ve taken along the way. Where are you currently? Acknowledge the work you’ve done, even if it’s just preliminary thoughts. That’s awesome. Sometimes, just allowing yourself to think about your dreams, no matter how small or big is the first step.

Admitting your desires can be a scary thing sometimes, given the external conditions that influence our thinking. So, see tonight’s full moon as a celebration of your dreams. There will be another new moon soon, in which you can create more definite intentions to reach those dreams more closely.

A good way to celebrate is with a DIY full moon ceremony. Check out this article by The Numinous for some tips, here.


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