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Magic is in the Air: Grand Water Trine

In Daily Check-In on July 18, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Something magical is brewing all over. If you haven’t heard by now, astrologically speaking, there is a “grand water trine” happening with our planets. Let astrologer Mecca Woods explain:

The beautiful Grand Water Trine (harmonious energy) [is] between Jupiter in ‪‎Cancer‬, Saturn in ‪Scorpio‬ and Neptune in ‪‎Pisces‬ … When these three bodies meet in the emotional and spiritual realm of water, we find that our dreams and passions thrive by answering to our highest self; our heart center. Where are these three planets synching up in your chart? There is where you’ll find the Universe serving you up a sweet treat or two.

The grand water trine is a great moment for you to wake up to your dreams. I know that I’ve been quite guilty of not following what I know my heart desires deep inside. This is something I am currently reconciling with in my life. I’ve come to know that it’s important to follow what my heart really wants and chase after it because when I don’t I become unhappy and lethargic and my energy levels become completely depleted.

So today, I am asking: what is that I want underneath of what I think I want based on my environment? In other words, how do I come to know what I really want, and not what I think I am supposed to want.

This is a great time for this kind of exploration. So check-in with yourself and ask:

– What do I want?

– Am I currently in pursuit of it?

– Why am I not chasing that? What am I chasing instead?

– Now, how do I go and get it ?!?

I’d love to hear about any magical moments you may have experienced this week. Please share below in the comments.

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