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A 20-Something Reflection: Julia Kim

In reflections on July 11, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Somewhere in between licking my Cheetos dusted fingers, listening to T-swift on repeat and re-watching every episode of the Mindy Project off of Hulu, it all hit me. These are my mid-20s. There’s something incredibly petrifying, suffocating and yet liberating thinking about those words. I am a mid-20something year old, and it’s no longer cute to pretend like I’m fresh out of college.  I’m in that incredibly awkward phase that I didn’t quite know existed.  College kids make me feel ancient, and yet I am too embarrassed to reveal my age to the 30-year-old something who looks like she can actually afford to shop everything organic. Instead, I am in that middle ground where I not so secretly love nights in by myself, would rather go out in flats than heels, and would rather arm dance casually at a bar than actually go to a club. I hate clubs.

I want to embrace my twenties—all of the complexities, anxieties and whatever-ties. And that starts with a commitment to doing things for myself and for only myself.

Desperate times call for drastic measures, right? So if your twenties feels at all like a “desperate time” – if you will, then take drastic measures. Do something you never thought you could or would do. And do it alone. Make it yours and discover what it is that makes you happy before you share that with someone else and then have to well…share it. Sounds selfish, I know. But be selfish. Care for yourself and prioritize that because if you don’t then no one will and you may find your hand meeting the bottom of a Pringles can, “drinking” the crumbs without a clue what it is that makes your twenties all about YOU. I am a firm believer that when you start putting yourself first and doing things that you love, then you can share that love with others and love will follow you. So start doing, dreaming, and living. The 20s are the best decade to dedicate to yourself, so define your 20s and don’t let them define you.


Julia, your fellow 20-something year old

Julia is a 20-something living in Los Angeles, California. She loves to hike, do yoga, cook, and be outdoors in her free time. She is pursuing work in Autism therapy and advocacy.


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